Walking is a hobby for many people but they may not realize it. Do you walk your dog for longer than he needs?

Or do you get off early to take in the views on the journey to walk? Or maybe taking a walk is instrumental in clearing your head?

If so, then a walking holiday would be perfect for you. Still not convinced?

There are many top providers of self-guided walking tours and hiking in Ireland, you are spoiled for choice!

Take a look to find out why:

It’s Good For You

Walking is a great form of cardio. It’s low impact, which makes it accessible to everyone and science shows that hitting your 10 000 steps can improve your health significantly.

Staying active should be a goal for everyone as not only does it help physically, but also mentally. By walking you can help clear your thoughts and help you process your emotions.

Anyone Can Do It

You will always be able to find a trail that suits you. Whether you fancy yourself a mountain goat or you would like to go for a stroll, you are sure to find something that fits.

You don’t need to spend money on equipment or updating your gear, you just need some shoes and some water! We recommend having a fully charged phone just in case and some music to pass the time.

Travel Slowly And Enjoy It

When you are walking, you are forced to enjoy your surroundings at all times. There is no putting your foot down and speeding onto the next stop, it’s just you and yourself absorbing your surroundings.

You are gentle on the environment and there are no carbon emissions. It also means you get to travel at your own pace which means you are in control of the trip.

Get A New Perspective Of A Place

Even though you may know a particular region of a country, when you are walking through it, it will give you a different perspective. You will get to see smaller places that you will have often driven past or not reached at all.

Taking the time to do walks from city centers as you will get to see more than the hustle and bustle. You will get a fully rounded view of the area and its surroundings.

Take Time To Reflect

Whether you are walking alone or with a group, it will give you time for introspection and reflection. Many pilgrims say they had life-changing experiences while walking and if you choose to take time to switch off from your routine you will feel the benefit.

A Sense Of Achievement

Walking 20, 30 or even 50km gives you a sense of achievement you may not get in your daily life. Doing this every day for a week or longer will have you itching to go again once your trip is over.

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