Ireland or the Emerald Isle can get overshadowed by England or missed on a trip as it’s not on mainland UK. This is a tragedy because Ireland is one of the most unique places you can ever visit and we can guarantee you will want to come back again.

Irish people have been voted as some of the friendliest people in the world and you are sure to find a smiling face in every location. Known for their ‘craic’ which means ‘banter’ and ‘fun’, you will never feel alone.

The Scenery

Ireland is known for its unspoiled beauty, even in built-up areas. You never have to drive far to find lakes, deer, green pasture and livestock which means you can get a healthy dose of fresh air when needed.

There are also hundreds of beaches all across Ireland that cater for all your needs. Do you like your beaches white and sandy, jagged and rocky, or surf-ready?

Ireland has them all in abundance. Bring a camera and start exploring the wonderful landscape.

Once you’ve found the perfect beach, you can also catch some waves. The west coast of Ireland gets tourists yearly for the swell, but mainly in the summer months.

Road Trip

Even though Ireland is a small country of around 4.5 million, it has enough landscapes to make it worth a road trip. Summer is the perfect time to drive around the country and visit town after town, drinking in the local culture.

There will always be live music sessions at the local pub in the evening, which turns a regular trip to the pub into a memorable experience. You must also try a Guinness as no trip to Ireland will be complete without it!

If you don’t feel like driving, take to the country on foot and follow one of the hundreds of trails Ireland has to offer. Whether you would like to hike mountainous terrain or wander along tranquil lakes, there is always something to offer.

The History

Ireland has had a dark and troubled past, but it celebrates its history. There are many castles, historic sites, museums and institutions all over the country which will specialize in Irish history and are worth a visit.

Take some time to get educated about the struggles of Irish people and learn why Irish pride is so strong and rightly deserved.