If you are a caving enthusiast and enjoy exploring the undergrounds, then caves across Ireland are ones to explore. Caves are thousands of years old and tell their own unique story from its geological formation to the present day. Caves in Ireland cannot be seen but are famous for their mystery and beauty. These caves are punctuated by stalagmites and stalactites. Exploring caves is fascinating however they can be hazardous so the best way to start is with an experienced and trained tour guide. Your guide will take you through the trip from start to finish. Here is a helpful guide to the best cave tours in Ireland.

Arigna Mining Experience

The Arigna Mining Experience has a rich 400-year history of coal mining in arigna and is located in County Roscommon. The arigna mine building first opened in 2003 and is a first of its kind in Ireland. The underground mine gives the visitor a real insight into what coal mining life was like back many years ago. It is Ireland’s first coal mining museum which features local geology including sandstones, mudstones, siltstones, new forms of renewable energy, and coal measures. The tour guides are ex miners who have over 150 years of mining experience between them. The tour will take you through the mining tunnel which shows a visitor the social history of the mine, their customs, rituals, and the miners. The tour is fascinating leaving the visitor with an overwhelming sense of education. The underground takes about 40 minutes. The intensity of darkness, the dripping of the water, and cramped areas where miners lay will leave a visitor astounded that these working conditions existed many years ago. Arigna mine also offers a gift shop and coffee shop. The coffee shop serves hot and cold food, tea, coffee, and soft drinks. The gift shop offers a wide range of brand items such as magnets, maps, books, and souvenirs it has something to offer everyone. This is one tour not to be missed.

Aillwee Cave

The Aillwee cave is located in County Clare and is one of Ireland’s most famous and largest caves. The cave is one of the oldest in Ireland and attracts thousands of visitors each year who come to admire the amazing geological formations of stalagmites and stalactites. In addition to the cave, there are wonderful cavities dug by ancient underground waterfalls. The tour takes 35 minutes through winding passages, caverns, unusual rock formation, bridged chasms before you get greeted with wonderful towering waterfalls. Get a front row seat of the most amazing birds of prey in the cave. The cave holds an impressive collection of hawks, falcons, owls, white tailed sea eagles, and American kestrels on display. Also discover unsuspected flora and fauna. During the breeding season, visitors will be able to see young birds of prey being reared by hand, become more aware of these magnificent indigenous species, and learn about falconry as an ancient sport. At the aillwee caves, you can experience a fun filled day, find something special in the gift shop, watch the amazing birds of prey, and explore the caves on tour with the experienced tour guides. This is one cave that is worth a visit.

Marble Arch Caves 

Marble Arch caves were first explored by the French speleologist Edouard Martel and a young scientist Lyster Jameson. The marble arch caves are located in County Fermanagh and one of the largest caves in Northern Ireland. The caves are an underground gallery dug over time by 3 rivers that still meander through the Cladagh Glen mountainside. The cave is more than 11.5 km in length which is impressive. The path leads you through comfortable lighting displays and delicate cave formations. The tour guides will lead you through inspiring passages and enhance the experience further by telling stories of this exceptional show cave. The cave can be visited via a guide and you can also explore the cave at your own leisure. Walk around and admire the cave, stalagmites, and stalactites as well as the impressive waterfalls.

Crag Cave

Crag Cave is located in Castle island in County Kerry. The cave was first discovered in 1983 and is thought to be 1 million years old. The cave is a magical experience of stalactites and stalagmites. The caves are an ancient fossil cave system that can be seen inside the stunning passageways. It is the 7th longest cave in Ireland offering the finest examples of limestone cave formation. The visitor centre is home to a gift shop and a garden restaurant. The restaurant offers hot meals, delicious home cooking, scones, pastries, healthy salads, and tasty treats. There is something for everyone in the gift shop like souvenirs, jewellery, toys, and much more all at very great prices. Book online with Crag Cave for a great cave tour experience.